Author Corner–Isaiyan Morrison

E: Welcome to Erindipity, Isaiyan.  Today I thought I would change things up a little bit and meet you down here by the pool.  Charlie’s having so much fun.  And he doubles as a floatation device.  Who knew?!

I:  Thanks for having me! I’m a huge fan Erin!

E: You just had a book released.  What can you tell us about Deamhan?

I:  The book is called Deamhan. It’s the first book in the Deamhan Chronicles. The novel follows a woman, Veronica, who goes back to Minnesota to find the truth about her mother’s disappearance. The only thing she knows is that her parents worked for a secret organization in Minneapolis at the time of the disappearance and her father refuses to mention anything about it. Veronica decides to retrace her mother’s footsteps by going back to the city. She finds out that her mother was tracking a Deamhan but she doesn’t know why. However, she needs to find this Deamhan and to do that, she has to head into their dark and dangerous world.


E: Why did you choose this type of vampire to write about?

I: Deamhan are psychic vampires which is different from sanguine (blood) vampires which we all read about. At first I just wanted to write a vampire novel, but after researching, I found out that there are so many different types of vampires. It blew my mind. I wondered why writers never wrote about them. Was it too hard? Are they not interesting enough? I find psychic vampires more interesting than sanguine vampires.

E: This is a series, correct?  Do you have an idea of how many books there will be, or do you plan on letting the story tell you where to stop?

I:  It is a series but right now I’m not sure how long it’s going to be. There are so many interesting characters, different types of vampires- I’m sure it could go on forever.

E: Do you have any upcoming promotional events, book signings, etc?

I:  Yes I do! I have a blog tour starting on the 9th of September with a giveaway. I also have several interviews next month not related to the tour and I’m participating in “Something Wicked” that runs the entire month of October.

E: In addition to being an author, you are also a professional gamer. How do these two very different activities influence each other? For instance, does maintaining a schedule for one help you maintain one for the other?  Do you get any inspiration for your writing from the gaming world? Or is there no crossover between them?

I: Honestly, it’s very hard. Since my novel was released, I’ve had to decrease my video game activities. I don’t have time to play as much as I’d like thus I don’t get to travel that often anymore. I miss it a little bit but writing is something that I’ve neglected for a long time. Professional gamers have to play their game and constantly. They always have to find new things to exploit for their advantage and they have to remain ahead of their competition. I just don’t have time for that anymore.

Majority of the sponsored and non sponsored gamers I know don’t read books so the idea that I wrote one is mind boggling to them. Some don’t want me to leave the scene but I have to move on.

E: Do you currently have any works in progress?

I:  I’m currently working on the third book in the series and something I’ve called Deamhan Tales. These are short stories that follow certain main characters relevant to the main story line. I’m also writing The Brotherhood Files. It’s also related to the main storyline but it’s from the perspective of humans who know about Deamhan and research them.

E: What would you say your greatest resource has been as a writer?

I: Listening and being open minded. I love listening to feedback from readers and authors. I have this desire to improve and perfect how I can take the ideas inside my head and transfer them onto paper. It’s challenging and I always like a good challenge. I’m a gamer after all!

Isaiyan can be found on Facebook for Deamhan and her author page, her website, her blog, and on Twitter.


2 comments on “Author Corner–Isaiyan Morrison

  1. Well – she doesn’t require bail money, so that’s a good thing! Congrats, Isaiyan, and many good wishes for a successful venture!


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