If you are a member of a book club and you choose Celia for discussion, I would be happy to speak with your club via Skype.  If you are an educator and would like to use Celia as part of your curriculum, I would be happy to speak with your class via Skype.  Depending on the amount of travel involved, I may be able to speak to classes and book clubs in person.  Message me and we can work out the details.

If you are an author and you would like to be interviewed on Erindipity, please send me an email.  Please know that I schedule my interviews once per week and several weeks in advance so there will be a waiting period.  Interviews are conducted through email.  Links to the interview are published on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with a link emailed to you directly.  Interviews are open to authors of any genre, but please keep in mind I don’t check my readers’ IDs.  Genres such as Erotica will be discussed at the craft level only.  I do not interview self-published authors unless I have  read their work prior to the interview.  If you are self-published and you would like to be interviewed, please have an ebook copy of your work available.  I despise ebooks, but I’ll deal with it.

Authors and/or publishers may request a book review.  I do not read ebooks unless I absolutely have to.  Please have a paperback copy of your book available for review.  Reviews are posted in the order the books are received, and the timeframe will depend on how many books I receive ahead of yours.  I reserve the right to decline a book review offer.  Reviews will be posted on WordPress, Goodreads, and Amazon.  If the book is available for pre-order only, then an Amazon posting may be omitted.  I will read all genres, but please specify where your book falls when making your request.  If you are self-published, please be aware that I will not post a review for your work if it has substantial layout issues, spelling errors, typos, grammar issues, and/or it looks like it was edited by a chimpanzee on meth.

I do not receive compensation, from author or publisher, for any interview or review I do.  Book copies are for review purposes only.

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