Author Corner–Jenniffer Wardell

Author Jenniffer Wardell came to visit me today and talk about her new book.


Bippity, boppity, boo!

E: Jenniffer, welcome to Erindipity. Did you bring me a present?

J: I was going to bring you champagne wishes and caviar dreams, but UPS sent the shipment to the wrong address and I’m still trying to sort that out.

E: You’re book, Fairy Godmothers, Inc., just came out a few months ago. What can you tell us about it?

J: It’s what happens when you try to take something like “Cinderella” and make it work in the real world. Kate is just like any other working woman, except she’s got a wand and a pair of fairy wings on her back. And, of course, it’s not as easy falling in love with Prince Charming as some people think.

Fairy_Godmothers_Inc_web (1)

E: What gave you the idea to write it?

J: I’ve always wondered about fairy godmothers. What on earth made them decide to dress up and hunt down poor ragged serving girls who desperately wanted to go to parties? After awhile, I decided that the answer was probably money.

E: You had a lot of neat promotional things you did when the book launched. What things did you do to get the word out and how has your publisher helped you to do it?

J: I’m a complete loss at marketing, but the dear PR people at Jolly Fish are trying to help me get myself out there more. As for ideas, I love imagining that pieces of text from the world of “Fairy Godmothers, Inc.” (like a press statement from the company on my blog) have leaked into this one.

E: Do you have any upcoming events, book signings, etc?

J: I’ve got a book signing in Bountiful, Utah this December, and I’m currently in the process of working out a few things for some Utah conventions.

E: Are you working on any new projects?

J: My next book, “Beast Charming,” is coming out in 2014, and I’m currently at work on a riff on “Sleeping Beauty.” The working title for that one is “Dreamless,” but who knows if that will last?

E: What book is out there that when you read it, you said, “Man, I wish I had written this”?

J: Anything from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. The man is a genius, and a hilarious one at that.

E: If you could be remembered for the rest of history for one quote, what would it be?

J: Honestly, I’d rather have everyone pick their own – it’s more fun that way.

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