More Fundraising For AWP

Most of you know that I am the webmistress for the Indiana University-South Bend Creative Writing Club.  If you’ve not heard, we are trying to raise funds so we can attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference in late February 2014.  The conference changes cities every year, and this conference will be held in Seattle, Washington.


AWP is a lot like the fortress in Krull. It’s constantly changing locations.

The money we raise will be to help us cover travel expenses and lodging.  We  held a fireworks fundraiser for the 4th of July holiday, but as anyone who lives in Northern Indiana can tell you, the weather refused to cooperate.  Now we’re starting a new fundraising event and you don’t have to live in Northern Indiana to help up out.

Brandy Bohm, Vice-President of the CWC, is holding a Perfectly Posh event from July 22nd until July 28th.  Perfectly Posh is a line of spa and pampering products that are not tested on animals.  Brandy is donating 100% of the proceeds to the AWP fund for the club.  There is a Facebook event page if you would like more information and you can go the the Perfectly Posh website to see their catalogue of products.  They make excellent gifts, as well.  If you are not local, Brandy will ship your orders to you.  This is a one week only event and every penny counts, so please consider pampering yourself or someone you love (or yourself and someone you love) and help this great group of writers attend this professional conference.  After the event closes, we will randomly select one person to receive an autographed copy of my book Celia from Rainstorm Press.  We will choose two other names to receive 3 Celia bookmarks.  They’re high quality and very shiny.  You’ll like them.  Celia has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon.

We appreciate all of your help.  And as a little added incentive, if we reach our goal as a result of this event, I will randomly select one person to be a character in my current work-in-progress, Enraptured.

Cracking the Whip

One of the many projects that I’ve been working on is being the webmistress for my university’s Creative Writing Club.


The only thing that should wear this much leather is a cow.

I won’t lie, some mornings (translation: all week) I wake up and I just don’t want to deal with it.  And then I pull up the blog and start in on the day’s writing prompt.

I have not had the chance to write on any of them because of all the other stuff going on.  If you get the chance, you should check them out.  The book I’m pulling the information out of was one I used for my advanced fiction writing class and the end result of the class was the publication of Celia.  These are especially great if you’ve always wanted to write, but had no idea where to start, what to do, or was too scared of ridicule to try.  You have to be local if you want to attend the club’s weekly workshops, but you can participate online almost as much.  You’ll meet people who just started writing and who have been writing for awhile.

Stop on by and then tell me what you think of things.

Recommend It Monday–Out to Lunch

This image is not intended for commercial use.

This image is not intended for commercial use.

As I mentioned last week, RIM is on vacation today.  I’ll be back next Monday, though.  Spring Break is this week, so I’m looking forward to the time off.  I finished my Othello paper last week, so I only have my Chaucer paper to write.  I have some miscellaneous items to finish up through the week, but mostly, I have the time to catch up on rest and reading.  If you have not yet done so, why not join me over at the IU-South Bend Creative Writing Club for some writing prompts?  We’re getting some great stuff posted.  I’ll be posting today’s prompt in a bit.

Some good news: I had a company contact me for a position today.  I’m a little sad I won’t be able to take it because it sounded really interesting.  It would mean relocating, though, and I have grad school here, so that’s not going to work.  Still, they came to me so I’m pretty happy about that.

I should have an empty house which means I might even get some writing done.  I still have work this week, but it’ll be a lot easier without classes after.

Hope the weather is turning sunnier and warmer wherever you are and have a Happy Monday!

Book Signings and General Updates

I’m very excited to announce that I am in the planning stages of my first-ever book signing.  Dates and locations will be announced once I have that information, but I am aiming for September dates.  At this point, I am planning one event, but depending on turnout and stock I might have additional events.  People who already have the book can bring it to be signed, and those who want to purchase a book to have signed will be able to do so.  Also, don’t forget to visit Authorgraph if you have a digital version of the book that you want signed.  Each digital autograph is personalized by me.

This week is Spring Break, and I have so many things to do.  First, I am alpha reading the brand new novel by the wonderfully talented Johnny Worthen titled The Brand Demand.  So far, I’m loving the story.  I had hoped to be finished with it by today, but I’ve been spending time with my kids so it’ll be a few more days.  I’m also the new web mistress for the IU-South Bend Creative Writing Club.  I have an Informatics minor, so I decided to put my education to use.  I built the social media platform and am posting the writing prompts, advice blogs, etc.  It’s a lot of extra work, but I’m enjoying it and we’re getting some really great conversations going.  If you’d like to play along, visit the blog and post what you come up with in the comments section of the post or on our Google Groups page.  Introduce yourself, make some friends, and let’s write together.  I have a few more pieces I want to work on for my poetry chapbook.  The more new material I write, the more I’m deciding the bulk of the old stuff needs to go.  I’m also looking into setting up some freelance writing gigs.  I may or may not pursue that option, but I want the information anyway.  I won’t be able to get back to Enraptured this week, which makes me sad, but I have some homework assigned over break that needs to get done first.  Notably, I need to read Taming of the Shrew and write a paper on the Wife of Bath’s tale in Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

The time is flying and in around six weeks I will be awarded my degree in English Creative Writing.  I hope I have time to get everything done.