Leaving On A Jetplane

In just over twelve hours, I’ll be leaving for the airport to start my Seattle trip and to attend my first AWP conference.  In the event that my plane crashes and I die a horrible, fiery death, I’d like to thank you all for your readership.  



I’ll be leaving my house at 5 am tomorrow morning.  As I’ve thought this ungodly time of day over, I’ve realized that early morning is a lot like picking someone up at the bar.  Sure, going to bed together might sound like a good time, but waking up together is probably not going to end well.  I think I have everything packed up and ready to go.  This means I have inevitably left something out of my bag and that thing will almost certainly be important.

I’m not all that concerned about flying.  I usually enjoy it.  In preparation for impending fiery death, I have consumed lots of Mt. Dew.  That may sound strange, but the Dew contains Brominated Vegetable Oil which is used as a flame retardant.  I figure since I can’t wear my asbestos pjs on the plane, this will have to do.

I am a little nervous about going through security.  My last flight was before 9/11, so I haven’t had the pleasure yet.  Hopefully, my blue hair isn’t going to be an issue.  If you aren’t connected to me on Facebook, this is what you’re missing out on.

2012-01-31 19.20.30


I was going to make it my normal color before flying out, but look at it.  My cerulean locks are glorious!  TSA will just have to deal with it.  I refreshed the color on Friday, so last night was my first time washing it since the newest application.  I was at my boyfriend’s house and his tub doesn’t drain very quickly.  I looked like I was bathing in the blood of 99 Smurfs.

Smeagol knows something’s up.  He’s being a jerkface to me.  I shall buy my way back into his good graces with Fancy Feast Kitten Formula.

Some cool news for those same people who aren’t connected to me on Facebook (Seriously, why aren’t you connected to me?):  I was listed as recommended fiction by Pittsburgh Writer.  There’s a badge on the sidebar, so give it a clickity click if you’re feeling so inclined and check out Celia if you haven’t and find some new reading material.  I’m sure every author listed will appreciate you taking the time to stop by.  Additionally, I just received an email saying that I’ve had a paper accepted for publication at my university’s Graduate Research Journal.  My editor will be contacting me soon, so that’s exciting.  Hopefully, this makes me look slightly more attractive as a possible future First Year Writing professor.

Dark chocolate espresso candies are amazing.  Really, there’s no reason to mention this except that they’re amazing.  Also, I’m eating them right now.  

So, I’ll be gone until March 2nd.  In the event I escape horrible, fiery death due to my consumption of Mt. Dew, I’ll see you all then.  

Slowing Down For A Bit

Last year was a pretty hectic year for me.  Between weekly interviews, writing the interviews (every interview is tailored to the guest, you know), graduating from college, starting grad school, plus all the other things life throws, I was pretty stressed out.  It was a great year, to be sure, but stressful nonetheless.  This year, I’m dialing it back a few notches.  I’m still doing interviews, but I’m not killing myself to make sure that I have a new guest every week.  If you’re wanting an interview, go ahead and contact me and we can get that scheduled.  I’m still doing book reviews.  This is easier said than done with my class/work schedule, but I am chipping away at things.  I’m not actively looking for books right now, but if you’re dying to find out what I think about something, get a hold of me and we’ll talk.  Don’t laugh.  It’s happened, I swear.  Stop laughing!

One big thing is I will be in Seattle next week for AWP.  I’m flying out on Monday so that I have time to see the sights and meet up with friends before immersing myself in panels, seafood, and copious amounts of alcohol.  Who am I kidding?  I’ll probably have two drinks the whole time I’m there.  Inspired by my friend, Brent Michael Kelley, I’ll be keeping a travel journal and taking lots of pictures.  Those should pop up on here sometime after I get back.  

Smeagol is good.  The vet says he’s around 15 weeks old and 6 pounds.  My baby panther kitty.  He’s not happy about my upcoming trip.

What do you mean I have a "cat sitter?"

What do you mean I have a “cat sitter?”

On a positive note, my legs are beginning to heal and I no longer look like someone is trying to feed me into a chipper shredder on a daily basis.  Several friends suggested I watch “My Cat From Hell“, so I started watching it last night.  I’m already feeling much better about my little writing buddy because he is nowhere near as bad as some of those cats.  There are some things I plan on doing for him which should also help, but it’ll be a process.  Thanks, Jackson Galaxy!

I’ve been writing!  No, it’s not Enraptured.  Still, words on the page = progress.  I wrote a short dark fairy tale for class that actually turned out pretty great.  I’ll be seeing what I can do with it at some point in the future.  I’ll have at least 2 more longer short pieces drafted by the end of May.  

Charlie is great.  He’s sad because I don’t have many guests over any more, but he loves Smeagol.  I thought about bringing him to Seattle with me, but I’m not sure I can get a corpse through airport security without a lot of embarrassing questions and at least one body cavity search.  

I hope to interview for a teaching position on campus for next fall.  At the end of this semester I’ll have enough credits to teach in the first year writing program, so wish me luck on that.  And patience.  Wish me luck and patience.  And possibly medication.

I’ve been researching Creative Writing Ph.D. programs.  There aren’t a lot of them near where I live, so that’s going to be interesting.  I’m not looking forward to a 3 hour round trip commute, especially  when I live on Hoth, but I’ll do what I need to do to finally be done with school.

See you guys when I get back!

Local Reading Event

A few weeks ago, I posted a new spoken word poem I wrote titled “I Can Hear You.”  I just submitted it for a local reading event here in South Bend, IN.  If it gets chosen, I’ll be reading it at the event.  This sounds like a great time and it’ll be a chance to meet some of the other local writers.  It’s almost the submission deadline for The Michiana Monologues, as well.  I submitted a piece last year that was performed earlier this year at the benefit show.  I may not submit this year, but if you are local you should submit something.  And please, if you’ll be in the area, consider stopping by for the performance.  They have some very talented women performing the submissions and there is a silent auction that helps local agencies help women.  The show dates start at the end of February and go through the first of March.  I will not be in town for most of those dates because I’ll be in Seattle for AWP.  And now, I leave you with this picture of a pugtato for no particular reason.


More Fundraising For AWP

Most of you know that I am the webmistress for the Indiana University-South Bend Creative Writing Club.  If you’ve not heard, we are trying to raise funds so we can attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference in late February 2014.  The conference changes cities every year, and this conference will be held in Seattle, Washington.


AWP is a lot like the fortress in Krull. It’s constantly changing locations.

The money we raise will be to help us cover travel expenses and lodging.  We  held a fireworks fundraiser for the 4th of July holiday, but as anyone who lives in Northern Indiana can tell you, the weather refused to cooperate.  Now we’re starting a new fundraising event and you don’t have to live in Northern Indiana to help up out.

Brandy Bohm, Vice-President of the CWC, is holding a Perfectly Posh event from July 22nd until July 28th.  Perfectly Posh is a line of spa and pampering products that are not tested on animals.  Brandy is donating 100% of the proceeds to the AWP fund for the club.  There is a Facebook event page if you would like more information and you can go the the Perfectly Posh website to see their catalogue of products.  They make excellent gifts, as well.  If you are not local, Brandy will ship your orders to you.  This is a one week only event and every penny counts, so please consider pampering yourself or someone you love (or yourself and someone you love) and help this great group of writers attend this professional conference.  After the event closes, we will randomly select one person to receive an autographed copy of my book Celia from Rainstorm Press.  We will choose two other names to receive 3 Celia bookmarks.  They’re high quality and very shiny.  You’ll like them.  Celia has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon.

We appreciate all of your help.  And as a little added incentive, if we reach our goal as a result of this event, I will randomly select one person to be a character in my current work-in-progress, Enraptured.