Procrastination Station

So, several months ago I talked about personal truths.  One of those truths is procrastination.  In fact, I’m writing this post instead of working on the 12 page research paper I have due in three days.  This is something that is a constant struggle for me and this article does a really nice job of explaining why.

It’s not (entirely) that I don’t want to work on it.  I would get a wonderful sense of relief knowing that it’s finished and out of the way.  I’ve already done the research on it (because I had to give a report on it in class).  It’s sitting right next to me in a pile, mocking me.  I have a notebook sitting to my left with notes that I’ve jotted down from thinking about writing the paper.  Yet, not one word have I written on the actual paper itself.  (In fact, I watched a music video, answered a student’s email, commented on an article about writing, and teased a friend on Facebook while trying to write this post.)

Many people won’t understand this compulsion to put off the things I need to get done.  And really, that’s exactly what it is.  I also don’t complain about the things I could have done (but didn’t) because of my procrastination.

And now, I’m off to battle my Instant Gratification Monkey.  Really, battle is the only word I can use that won’t leave my inner child (who is apparently a 12 year old boy) in a fit of giggles.




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