Guest Post–Brenda Corey Dunne

Yesterday, Brenda Corey Dunne stopped by the blog to talk about her new book, Dependence.  Today, she’s here to talk about military moves.

Finding the Adventure in a Military Move

 As I write this I’m sitting on a covered porch in British Columbia, listening to the wuff of horses and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. I’m three time zones away from my house and have been staying in hotels or bed and breakfasts for eleven days. It will be seven more days before I sleep in my own bed.  Our truck is broken, delaying our departure by at least eight hours.

And wow, life is good.

Military moves are not easy. There are certainly some disadvantages to spending day after day on the road crammed in a pick up truck with three teens and sporadic air-conditioning.  The cab of our truck is getting a bit rank after eight days of summer heat. And we are a little tired of restaurant food. Our horse (yes, we’re towing a horse) is not happy with his can on wheels (A.K.A. horse trailer).

The upheaval of relocating every few years is not for the faint of heart. Leaving friends and a house you crafted into a home is hard. We move every two to three years and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase “I don’t think I could do that!” Yeah, there are times when even I wonder how we do it.  There are a lot of lemons in a move year.

But I’m generally a lemonade kind of gal. And wow, when you drive across a continent, you have a whole lot of opportunities to fill your glasses.

We have played frisbee on the Canadian prairie beside never-ending canola fields. We’ve hiked a mile and a half up into a canyon to see a huge waterfall. We’ve taken a gondola to the top of a mountain. We’ve seen a real live moose in a swamp. We’ve stayed in interesting places and met many, many wonderful people (and I’m an introvert).

Would we have done any of that this summer without military posting orders? Maybe…but unlikely.  We certainly wouldn’t have crossed the prairies. Nor would we have hiked in the Rockies. And a 3000 mile road trip would not have been on the agenda.

So right now, as my hubby sits in a service station waiting for our broken pick-up to get fixed, I’m sitting on a porch with a view that goes for miles, with a gentle breeze and my daughter beside me.  Yes, engine troubles are an inconvenience. But I think the view from here is close to the top of my list of ‘best places to write’.  And without that posting message I would never have known it existed.

When life hands you lemons?  You can make lemonade…Or even better, make lemon meringue pie.




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