The Aftermath

The other night we got hit with some nasty storms.  I heard hail at one point and we got a text alert telling us to seek shelter immediately because of a tornado sighting.  Thankfully, the most injured things were the tree in the back yard and my veggie garden.  There was no damage to the house, garages, or shed, but the wind put a tree branch through our privacy fence.  Farther down my street, there were entire trees uprooted.  We were lucky.

2012-06-23 14.49.13

This was the scene outside of my back door.

2012-06-23 14.49.36

Log pieces just chillin’ in front of my gate.

2012-06-23 14.50.00

My side garden.

2012-06-23 14.50.15

The other side of my fence.

Up to this point, I was saying the bad words and thinking about all the cleanup to do.  I hadn’t looked closer yet.

2012-06-23 23.01.40

My poor smooshed garden.

2012-06-23 23.01.48

Those used to be my onions on the end.

2012-06-23 23.01.55

There’s the branch that steamrolled my veggies.

My garden damage was tragic but I think some of the plants are bouncing back.  But wait, where’s my grill?

2012-06-23 23.02.11

Oh, there it is, underneath half a tree.

2012-06-23 23.03.01

What’s left of my tree that isn’t laying in my yard.

2012-06-23 23.02.53

The most expensive damage came from the weather playing darts with my fence.

2012-06-23 23.02.23

Is that a tree branch sitting through my fence? Why yes, yes it is.

2012-06-23 23.04.20

So, how would you score this anyway?


All things being said, this could have been so much worse than minor damage and 15 hours without power.

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