I suck at Twitter.  Most of the time, if I have something to say, I need much more than 140 characters with which to say it.  Most of the things I can say in 140 characters is mundane.  I’m not sure the Twitterverse cares how much I love my cat (I seriously freaking love my cat) or that I just created the most epic recipe for macaroni and cheese ever (one word: bacon).  Ok, it might care about that last one.

Unfortunately for me, Twitter is the social medium of choice when it comes to publishing.  The obvious choice would be to stop being so boring and start doing things worth tweeting about.  Hopefully, these next few months will provide me the opportunity to do just that.

I have some upcoming publication news that I’ll share once everything is in place.  I’m gearing up to edit a novel (not one of mine) in the next few days or so.  I have some great new interviews scheduled for the coming weeks and a couple of guest posts on the horizon.  I’ve decided to take my thesis research trip in August, so I should have plenty of things to tweet about that.  I’ll also be attending the Enter The Imaginarium Convention (Louisville) in September.

The other choice is that you guys can get nosey.  Ask me whatever you want, but bear in mind that you shouldn’t ask what you really don’t want to know.  You never know when I just might answer.


One comment on “Twitterati

  1. I hate Twitter. I truly do. I rarely use it, and when I bother to check it, I find it stuffed with such tripe that I wonder why I bother having it all. End of snarky rant.


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