Researching My Master’s Thesis

I’m so happy that I have so many readers from across the country (and even across the world). Now, I have a favor to ask you. Do you have an old asylum in your town/county/state? I’d like to know!

This summer, I’m brainstorming my Master’s Thesis and what I plan to propose to my thesis advisor is a short story collection based on former patients of these asylums. I’d do a novel, but even the “long” thesis is way too short. Hell, even my novella is longer than the longest thesis option I have (and that doesn’t even include the critical essay portion of the thesis). My goal is to travel to one of these asylums, take photos, research the facility, and find out as much as I can about the people who worked there and who were kept there. Then, my thesis project will be stories based on those people.

I can (and intend to) Google the different asylums we’ve had in our history, but I won’t be a local so maybe the people who live there will know something I don’t. Plus, if you give me a head’s up about a place close to you, we might even be able to meet up for lunch while I’m doing my research. You don’t have anything near you but you might know someone who does? Great! Feel free to share this. I’m looking for the evilest of evil institutions because I want to try and give those poor souls a voice, even if it’s a fictional voice.

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3 comments on “Researching My Master’s Thesis

  1. Check out Johnny Joo photography. He’s currently traveling across the country taking photos of abandoned buildings. He also does the background research. I follow his Facebook page, but he also posts on other media.


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