Things Abandoned

As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a link for the 14 creepiest abandoned places on Earth.  One of those places was Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts.  Sadly, when I went to research Danvers, I learned that the main building had been demolished.  One of my dreams is to visit one of the many abandoned asylums.  I know, that sounds creepy.  I blame my horror writer friends.  I want to walk through the empty halls and see where all of those poor souls slept, ate, and bathed.  I want to see the “therapy rooms” and the infirmary.  I want to walk through the graveyard.  You may be asking yourself why I would want to do such gruesome things.  It’s simple, really.  The husks of those institutions stand, but who remembers the people lost to them?  It grieves me to think that so many people suffered and died in places like those without anyone remembering them.  I’d like to find out who was there and why so maybe one day I could tell their story.  It won’t be exactly their stories.  There are things I couldn’t possibly know or ever find out.  I can imagine their stories, though.  I can put into words what their stories might have been, or could have been.  I can bring to life the cruelty they faced, not for pleasure but as a reminder of what we are capable of doing to each other and how easily our circumstances can change to make conditions favorable for it.  Places like Danvers shouldn’t be destroyed.  We need to remember.

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