This Little Piggy Went to the Market

My second favorite place to hang out while I was in Seattle was Pike Place Market.  There’s so much to see there and I know I didn’t see everything.  I bought hair wraps with silver charms, a tie dye shirt, a picture of pandas from a man doing Chinese Calligraphy, and sampled so much food.  Plus, the water!

First, the seafood.

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00095 DSC00096 DSC00097 DSC00099 DSC00098


Until this point, I had only seen uni on television.  I’m not sure I would ever try it, but it was cool to see it.  I only took pictures of a fraction of the seafood displayed there.  As someone who adores it, I was in irradiated heaven.  The market was more than seafood, though.  There was a lot of fresh produce, as well.  I didn’t take a lot of veggie pictures, but trust me.  There are lots of spots to pick up whatever strikes your fancy.


There were a lot of vendor stalls.  I wish I had more money and more luggage space because a lot of this stuff would have come home with me.

DSC00113 DSC00112 DSC00111

What wouldn’t have survived the 2500 mile trip home, no matter how much space I had in my bags, were the flowers.  They had stalls of both fresh and dried varieties and they were all so gorgeous.  If I lived there, I would always have these flowers in my house.

DSC00103 DSC00102 DSC00101 DSC00094


This was the table where I bought my hair wraps.  They had lots to choose from, and I actually went back later in the week and picked up another one.  And here I am, freshly wrapped.  It’s hard to see, but it has three silver feather charms dangling from the end.  The other one I bought was shorter and black with a dragonfly charm.


DSC00104 DSC00105


The tie dye shirts were so cool.  I’m not normally a fan, but I loved these and I’m still wishing I had bought a couple more.  This is Brandy and me at The Cheesecake Factory, where I did not have cheesecake.  I love my new shirt and hair wrap!

DSC00107 1800451_10201578448368502_1829465697_n

They didn’t just have tables or stalls, though.  There were lots of little (and not so little) shops throughout the market, plus restaurants and food vendors.  The picture of the bottles was at a new agey shop.  The bottles were filled with herbs and spices, plus they had incense, books, and tarot cards.  I’m not going to lie, a new tarot deck almost made it home with me.

DSC00114 DSC00086 DSC00085

One of the most awkward things about the market, though, was the women’s restroom.  The stall doors aren’t standard height, which means when you close the stall door, you can look out over the top of it.  The bank of stalls I used was right in front of the mirror, and both times I went in there, another woman went in there too, so we had this few minutes of awkward conversation by way of the mirror.  You know it’s a short door when I can see over the top of it.  #shortgirlproblems

DSC00116 DSC00115

I’m still not entirely sure why, but the birds fascinated me.  Maybe it’s because they were so accustomed to humans that they went about their business not really caring.

DSC00093 DSC00092

What would a trip to the market be without water shots?  Seattle, I already miss you.

DSC00108 DSC00110 DSC00109 DSC00165


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