Erin the Explorer

After an interesting night’s sleep, Brandy and I decided to spend the day exploring.  I say it was an interesting night’s sleep because my body is on Eastern time and Seattle is three hours behind, so I’m about to drop from exhaustion and it’s still light out.  Anyway, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday were exploring days for me, so instead of posting pictures by the day, I’ve grouped them by subject matter.  This is me heading out on Tuesday morning.


All your seafood are belongs to me!

Since I spent a ridiculous amount of time near the water on Tuesday, I’ll lead off with shots of the water and of various things downtown.


That’s right. I’m not wearing a coat. Suck it, Indiana!

We found Sculpture Park.  And by we, I mean we had to have a stranger give us directions to Sculpture Park, and then chase us down the street, stop us from going the wrong way (even with directions), and then physically take us to the park entrance.  You were a super cool dude, wherever you may be.

The water is my favorite place to be, so I took a lot of water shots.

DSC00083 DSC00082 DSC00081 DSC00080 DSC00079 DSC00078 DSC00075 DSC00073 DSC00072 DSC00071

For whatever reason, I was equally fascinated with the birds.  They were pretty cool birds.  By that I mean they were laid back and chilling on the sidewalk.

DSC00143 DSC00142 DSC00140 DSC00139 DSC00136 DSC00135 DSC00134 DSC00133

Lastly, I took several pictures of interesting buildings and shop fronts.

DSC00164 DSC00163 DSC00162 DSC00161

These next shots are of the same building.  There were panels going along the side and were written in several different languages.  I’m not sure how well you can read the script, but I thought they were awesome.

DSC00158 DSC00157 DSC00156 DSC00155

This is one of the courthouses.  According to a placard, it used to be a hospital.  I can see that.  The courthouse is across the street from the library, but that gets its own post.

DSC00129 DSC00130

This is a building that’s also not too far from the library.  I’m sure it’s architecturally sound, but I don’t understand how it stays upright.  It’s a cool building to look at, that’s for sure.


This is a church that was being worked on, so I couldn’t go inside.  It was barricaded off so I couldn’t even get a decent shot of it.  Even though I’m something of a heathen, I do love the architecture of old churches.



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