Author Corner–T. Fox Dunham

E: Hi, Fox!  Welcome to my humble blog.  Sorry for it being so cold in here.  I find the lower temperatures help keep Charlie from smelling so bad.  Do you need a blanket?

F: I have a gorgeous blanket, brown and covered in foxes, that Tara Fox Hall made for me. All my friends have seen it. I take it to Author’s Cons. She’s making me a bigger one too! I adore it. Who the hell is Charlie? The blanket is very small, but I will try to share.

He doesn’t know about Charlie?  Heh heh, he’s in for a treat.

E: You have a story coming out soon as part of the One Night Stands series from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing titled, “Doctor Kevorkian Goes to Heaven.”  What can you tell us about the story?

F: I’m a very sick man, and I should be locked up. The story is mostly about stasis, about standing still. Doc K wanted to free us from a painful afterlife, and in the book, he invents a cure for mortality, obviating euthanasia. Everything stops. And Gods is Doc K pissed when he goes to heaven. I wrote the story in a Vonnegut style but also my own literary voice. It’s one of my favorite pieces.  I’ve written so much for PMMP. I’m Max Booth III’s bitch.

E: You also had a book pre-release a few weeks ago from Gutter Books.  What can you tell us about The Street Martyr and do you know when it will be available for everyone?

F: The Street Martyr is my first novel, though several are following it up. Short fiction authors reach a plateau and must move to long fiction to further their careers. I am told through our distributor, IPGN, that it will be available by the holiday season, in book stores, libraries and online. It’s about two low-level drug dealers trying to survive in impoverished Philly.  When one of them is accused of the death of a pedophile priest, it becomes a fight for life against the city, the mob and police. Vincent will eventually expose a deep and depraved circle, protected by the system, that only a vigilante street hero can fight. And he will rise to the light.

E: You just finished up a trip to Anthocon.  You did a reading there, correct?  What was that like?

F: I read to friends and the dead. They scheduled me last, so we had a lot of shadows. Still, I blew the roof off the place with The Street Martyr. Cons are hit or miss. It’s nice to see friends, to make deals, but they’re not always helpful. But wow. Seven Jameson’s Whiskey for only 22 dollars? Dangerous Dangerous place, NH.

Word of caution: if you’d like to check out more about Anthocon, just click the link.  Don’t misspell it.  I misspelled it and got Anthrocon.  For the love of pie, don’t look that up!  You’re looking it up now, aren’t you?  

E: You’re also going to be a special guest author at Noircon this year.  What does that entail?

F: I’ll be doing special readings of the Street Martyr, signings, hanging at the Gutter Book table, sitting on panels and talking about my favorite subject: ME. I’m also doing a wild story for their anthology. The Con is in Philly, so I expect that my editor and several bum friends will be staying at my house. The bums!

E: Do you have any other events that you’re going to be a part of either at the end of this year or early next year?

F: I’m setting up several events around and in Philly over the next year. I plan to be reading from street corners, art galleries, coffee shops and lots of events in Lansdale have invited me to speak. The next reading is an event from Amy Rims, local artist in Lansdale PA, at the Water Gallery in Lansdale on the 22nd. You can find info for it on my author’s page

I will probably be at Texas Frightmare in Dallas, Texas with Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, both editors at PMMP, and I’m hoping to swing up to the WHC in Portland. It depends what’s being published at the time that requires promotion. I do nothing but travel anymore or sit at Molly’s and write.

E: You have a book coming out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing this summer  with a very long title: DESTROYING THE TANGIBLE ILLUSION OF REALITY; OR, SEARCHING FOR ANDY KAUFMAN.  What can you tell us about this title?

F: That it’s officially the longest title they’ve ever published. I’m proud of that. I like making Max work. Well it’s all about dying of cancer and the way reality becomes an illusion. You realize that so much of what we call reality is tangible and an illusion—a construct of the mind. This is something that Andy Kaufman understood as reality bled for him. What is death and life? My characters seek to discover this as they head north, seeking proof that he is the lost son of Andy. That’s not implausible. Andy was a sexual addict.

E: You’ve written and published a lot of stories.  Do you have a favorite?

F: That’s difficult. I have parts of me scattered all over the field like I jumped into a helicopter blade. Still, the piece that comes to mind, the one I felt the best has to be The Unhappy Accident or Feelin’ Feel in the PMMP Vonnegut Anthology, So It Goes. If I had to throw a story at the Divine Creator like a bag full of burning shit on his lawn, it would be that one. I got to speak like truly me, from my own deep and natural voice as I wrote about what I loved. I am grateful to Max Booth III for seeking that voice out in me—ergo the Kevorkian piece and Andy and several other stories. He’s still a Lil’ Bastard, but I adore the guy.

MAX! MARRY ME!!!!! I Want to them babies of yours!!!

You can find Fox on his blog and on Twitter.

And now the age old question has been answered.  You know what the fox says.


2 comments on “Author Corner–T. Fox Dunham

  1. tarafoxhall says:

    Awesome interview! Very proud of you, Fox 🙂


  2. Awesome job! Now I know what a fox says!


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