What No One Tells You

You might remember a few months back I mentioned that I wrote a monologue for our local production “Michiana Monologues.”  Not only did my monologue appear in the book produced by the organization, but it was chosen to be performed.  Some of the performances were funny.  Some were thought provoking.  Some made me cry.  All were fantastically performed and powerfully written.

The video from those performances is now available for viewing!  All works are unattributed to protect privacy, but I have no problem telling you that my piece is titled “What No One Tells You.”   My particular piece starts at the 37:45 mark of the first half of the performance, but please feel free to watch the entire thing.  You can also access the second half of the performance from this page.

Only a select number of monologues were chosen for performance, but many, many more were submitted and included in the book.  Please consider buying a copy.  The cost is $10 and the proceeds go to benefit several local charities that benefit women.  There are a few ways to get them, but if you are not local, the third option is the best.  You would need to contact April Lidinsky for shipping information, as I do not have that.

2 comments on “What No One Tells You

  1. Lori Hicks says:

    Carrots is at the 14:28 mark in section 2


  2. […]  It’s almost the submission deadline for The Michiana Monologues, as well.  I submitted a piece last year that was performed earlier this year at the benefit show.  I may not submit this year, […]


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