Author Corner–Charles Day

Today’s guest is Charles Day and his always present Evil Jester.

This is Charles and EJ. Don’t turn your back on the short one. Ever.

E: Welcome to Erindipity, Charles.  First things first, we need to establish some ground rules, boundaries, etc.  Such as “You shall keep your Evil Jester from humping my leg at all times.”  Seriously, get him off me!

C: Hehehehe! Evil Jester, back off! Get over here, and leave Erin’s leg alone.

E: So, what’s the deal with your wicked leg humper, anyway?  You’re the first guest to bring a +1 to the blog.

C: So sorry. Yeah, the evil dude-in-the-box goes with me everywhere. He’s my muse, my alter-ego, my best friend.

E: You’ve been nominated for an award.  Shiny.  What award is it, how did you get nominated, and when do you find out if you’ve won?

C: Yes, I’m still in shock, actually. My very first novel, THE LEGEND OF THE PUMPKIN THIEF was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award® in the “Superior Achievement In A First Novel” category. It went through all the voting channels with the Horror Writers Association, when it was down to ten novels it was voted with five other in the Finalist nomination. I received an awesome certificate, and can now use it on all my future books. I’ll find out if I won on Saturday June 15th at the Bram Stoker Awards, being held at the World Horror Convention down in New Orleans. I was also awarded the prestigious “Silver Hammer Award,” for going above and beyond as a volunteer with the HWA as chairperson for their Mentor Program.  So, at least I know for sure I’m coming home with one award. I must say, I’m  real excited, but also extremely grateful to all my fans, friends, and HWA members.


E: You’re also the proprietor of Evil Jester Press.  Can you tell us about some of the things you publish?

C: Evil Jester Press is open for novel submissions. We are looking for dark and thoughtful novels between 40,000 and 100,000 words for our 2014 line. Selected tomes will fall somewhere in the horror, thriller, dark fantasy, or sci-fi genres. Mash ups are fine, but we’re tired of zombies. Shannon Michaels is our talented Acquisitions Editor, and she will be making the decisions. Send her your best.

E: You have a Young Adult novel coming out.  What is it and when will it be available?

C: Yes, It’s a YA horror/Fantasy western trilogy that will be released by Blood Bound Books soon. The first book in the series is titled THE HUNT FOR THE GHOULISH BARTENDER.  It should be out in a few weeks. It is also in the being developed into a comic book series.  Here is a working synopsis, but this is not set in a gold nugget.

“A NEW LEGEND IS BORN! Spawned in the Old West from the discovery of a magical gold medallion, now in the hands of a vengeful Indian tribe known as “The Redeemer’s.” They’ve summoned a new curse, a terrible evil using a lowly bartender as their bait. However, they only have a piece of this magical gold. The other half is in the hands of eighteen-year-old, Kyle McGertt, who’s just taken over responsibility of the medallion since the untimely death of his father, killed in a gunfight by a ruthless gang of marauders, The Dark Riders. Will he take what his Pa taught him to stop this latest curse? Or will the Ghoulish Bartender continue to grow his army of ghouls, destroying and killing innocent townsfolk in their path of destruction? “ Kyle Book Cover_edited-2

E: I’ve had a couple of people who work both sides of the writing business.  What made you decide to start your own press and what was that process like?

C: Actually, it came to be between a friendship made a few years ago with Peter Giglio. We had done a short story together, and after that we discussed bringing my evil jester icon I used to life, with his very own small press. We never knew it would grow to where it is today. We are selling books and gaining more respect because we pay our 57 + authors on time each month, we never put out less than high quality books, and we are very personable, answering everyone who responds to us on a timely basis, and we get in the trenches with other authors, publishing our own works (Pete & I) with other publishers. Now I have two companies who’ve joined us, and we just recently opened a new imprint, Evil Jester Comics.

E: If memory serves me correctly, you’re a big comic book fan.  What drew you into them and what’s it like creating one?

C: I used to read my father’s old EC comics, and then I started collecting my own, and loved all the marvel comic superheroes. I just couldn’t get enough. I’m going to soon find out what it’s like creating them as our first project with Evil Jester Comics is now in production, and I’ll also have a chance to learn so much as I begin my own series. Not sure who the publisher will be on my creator owned comic. Hell, Taylor Grant, my Editor –in-Chief would have to accept it first. And he’s a tough editor. Hehehe.

E: If you could only publish one more book/project ever, what would be the ultimate submission?

C:  Right now I’m immensely excited about the comic book series Aric Sundquist and I are collaborating on; loosely based on the ADVENTURES OF KYLE MCGERRT trilogy I’m writing and publishing.  I say loosely, because we are developing new characters and perils, that will not be in my series. So those who lover either the comic book series or my trilogy, will be given new material to enjoy.

E: If you could choose any writer, from any period, to have dinner with, who would it be and what would you serve?

C: Joe Hill. We drink a few beers and I’d serve him my wife and daughter’s favorite meal, Steak with mushrooms, red peppers, and onions, drizzled with a steak sauce.

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You can find Charles Day, and by extention his Evil Jester, on Facebook, his blog, at Evil Jester Press, and Evil Jester Comics.