Awards Ceremony, Random Stuffs, and an Update on the Babies

Today is my last day on campus as an udergrad student.  I have my Shakespeare final and then I’m done forever.  I have another awards ceremony tonight.  The last one I went to was for the English Dept. Writing Awards.  This one is for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards.  I’ve asked my friends if they own a kazoo because my procession should have musical accompaniment.  I think they’re working on that.

Now that I’m not so bogged down with school, I have time to post more fun stuff.  I’m a weirdo, and it’s probably best for everyone involved if we get that out there sooner rather than later.  For example, I have declared 2013 as the Year of the Pantsless Summer.  I’m buying a bunch of sundresses and that’s what I’m living in because it is much too hot for pants.  Also if you post any of those “Use your initials to figure out your name” pics on Facebook, I will do them.  I did one yesterday to figure out what my cat’s name should be.  I have no cat, but if I did, I should call it Princess Hissy McMittens.  That’s an awesome name, and since I have no cat, I’m using it for myself.  Because I can.

Now, for the sad news.  The babies were much too small to try and care for ourselves.  My dogs must have found them soon after they were born.  We tried the whole eyedropper thing, but they simply weren’t getting enough food.  We rebuilt the nest, put the babies back in it, and covered it as best as we could so the dogs wouldn’t find it again.  I hope Mama is still around.  We took them inside because of the dogs.  The nest is in our backyard, so leaving them out there was just begging the dogs to kill them.  Now it seems we have no other choice.  The dogs will have to be supervised from now on to make sure they don’t raid the nest.  I hope they make it.