The Babies

I’ve been posting on my personal Facebook page about the nest of newborn baby rabbits that my dogs found in our back yard.  This was a very bad thing.  We found three baby survivors but have no idea how many were originally in the litter.  So far, at least two of the three are males.  The third one hasn’t flopped over yet to let me see what it’s packing.

My dog Cocoa, in particular, is infamous for the wholesale slaughter of countless newborns of varying critter varieties, but she is especially fond of rabbits.  Yes, I called her the bad word.  A lot.  All three babies sustained injuries.  The first one we found seems to be the one with the most serious injuries.  He is paralyzed.  It breaks my heart to see him dragging his hind legs around the cage we set up for them.  We built them a new nest indoors in our spare rabbit cage.  We have pet bunnies, so we already had bedding and the spare cage handy.

Hello, children. My name is Lucius B. Rabbit, Esq. But you may call me Master.

Hello, children. My name is Lucius B. Rabbit, Esq. But you may call me Master.


I’m Gizmo. Drop the food and back away from the cage, or I’ll be all over your hand like a mongoose on a king cobra. True story.

I’ve started calling the paralyzed bunny Artie.  Even if we managed to rehab the other two babies, Artie will never be able to go back into the wild.  Since it was our dogs that mangled his poor baby bunny body, it is our responsibility to care for him until he expires.  The other two babies have minor looking injuries.  We’re feeding them cat’s milk from an eye dropper, so I hope they live long enough to at least open their eyes.  We have calls out to wildlife rehab folks, but as of yet we have no return calls.  We have two more cages we can use if we need to keep them indoors instead of releasing them back to the wild like we had hoped.  We found them two nights ago, though, and they’re all still alive.  I hope they make it.

Arthur (Artie), Reginald, and Eugene/Petunia (depending on what it's packing)

Arthur (Artie), Reginald, and Eugene/Petunia (depending on what it’s packing)

If you work with wildlife rehab or you know someone who does and you/they are in the Northern Indiana area, please leave me a message.  I want the best chance for these little guys to live the way nature intended them to.


One comment on “The Babies

  1. dmdobbins98 says:

    Bless you for taking care of the sweet bunnies. So cute!


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