And Thus Ends My Undergraduate Career

The final assignment of my undergraduate career was to compile a table of contents for the imaginary poetry publication I am putting together.  I have done so.  Behold, my mythical poetry journal.

Table of Contents

Cynthia Cruz


Notes on the Disaster/2

The Great Destroyer/3


Nancy Botkin

The Lost Serenade/4

Geometry/ 5

The History of Ourselves/6


David Dodd Lee

Two Strangers/7

Dry Creek Bed/8



Allen Peterson

Epistemology Follows/10


Grey Areas/12


Clayton Michaels



The Art of Sweeping Things Under the Rug/15


LeeAnn Brown

Black is the Color/17


Todd Boss

Two Cameos/19

Robert Campbell

Zombie Dialectic/21


Emanuel Moses

Second Elegy/23


Angela Rydell

I’m Alone and You’re a Bottle/24


Emily Fragos


Patrick Donnelly

After a Move/26


Becca Hall

To Speak This/27


Keith Ekiss



Christopher Howell

The Mysterious Courtesy of Fondness/29


Dan Manchester



Robyn Art

Why Skaggs Junction Has No Town Hall/31


Martha Ronk

When a Photograph Arrives by Mail/32


Anemone Beauvlier

Bedtime Story/33


Brenda Hillman

For One Whose Love Has Gone/34


Scott Keeney

The Proletariat’s End/35


Stacey Waite



Laurie Lambeth

Upon Reading the Radiologist’s Report/37

Why I Kept the Lilies/38


Ivan Young

The Bike in the Ditch/39


Adrian Belvins

This Little Catalogue of Losses/40


Gina Bernard



Fire Ant/43


Rob McClennon

A Single Streak, Pure White of Sky/44



Nicole Walker

El Nino/46

Bees, Keys, Sealed/47


Molly Bendall

Season of Perpetrators/48

Monday Guardian/49


Anne Elvoy

The Wind/50


William Cordeiro

Just Because, Just Because/51


Suspended Animation/53


Sterling Plumpp

Mississippi Suite Part I/54

Mississippi Suite Part II/55


Angela Jackson

My Father’s Prayers/56

Summer and the City/58


Ada Limon

Tattoo Theory/59


Kathleen Ossip

Funeral of my Character/60


Molly McCully Brown



Erick Piller

What to do When it Happens/62


Evie Shockley

I Declare War/63


John Graham



Michael Burkard

Fargo, North Dakota/65


Brigitte Byrd

Withered Away/66


Brendan Galvin

Carolina Déjà vu/68


Priscilla Becker

A Minor Language/70


Tom. C. Hunley

At the End of a Long and Varied Career/71


Cassie Sparkman

Cupid and the Party Dress/72


Lynne Knight

Vermont Barn/73


B.L.P. Simmons

Garden of the Material/75


Jason Gray



Jaclyn Dwyer

Praise Poem for American girls/78


Tony Hoagland

The Complex Sentence/79


Jamal May

Masticated Light/81


Jay Nebel



Carl Phillips

Chromatic Black/83


Jake Adam York

Letter Written in Black Water and Pearl/85


Rebecca Hazelton

Book of Absence/87


Nina Puro

The Diversion/89


Gregory Djanikian

The Invention of Death/91


Katy Didden

Excavating the Cyclops’s Eyesocket/93


Jeffery Morgan

The Grizzly/94


Jill Osier

Left to Itself the Heart Considers Its Length of String/95

Brief Study of Parades/96


Kathryn L. Pringle

Obscenity for the Advancement of Poetry 6/97

Obscenity for the Advancement of Poetry 7/98


Joyelle McSweeny

Toussaint L’ouverture/100

The Pennsylvania Sweets/101

Avarice Reverie, USMC/103


Dean C. Robertson

Otron and his Dark Horse/105


John A. Nieves


Altitude Sickness/107


Joshua Kryah


The Children’s Crusade/109


Emily Kendal Frey

From Sorrow Arrow/111


Josh Fomon

To Find a Priceless Home/112




Adam Day

Driving Home Through Virginia/117


Julia Cohen

You’ll See My Design Inside a Lemon/118



Anne Cecelia Holmes

A Test for Safe Zones/119


Anne Marie Rooney

My Year with Flowers, Unshrinking/120


J. A. Tyler

Hallucinations Brought on by Inclement Weather/122



Wendy Xu and Nick Sturm

I Was Not Even Born When You Turned Me Into a Baby/123

I Was Not Even Born When Your Face Was Looking at Mine/124

I Was Not Even Born When You Started Paying Great Attention/125


Gary Jackson

Letters to my Daughters: Siri/126

Letters to my Daughters: Kimberly/127


Jason Bredel

Sunset Fever/128

Terror Bird/129

Panther Pride/130


Justin Sirois



Matthew St. Amand

The Teacher and the Tuner/134


Maureen Thorson



Marc McPhee

And the Lord Made Garments of Skins/138


How We Respond is What it Means/141


Grant Souders

Early in the Field/143

Ships Before Me/145


Sally Wen Mao

On the Sorrow of Apiary Thieves/147


Roy Mosh

Letter to my Penis/149



Matthew Minicucci




Tracy Thomas

It Means Bread/154

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3 comments on “And Thus Ends My Undergraduate Career

  1. 42miles says:

    great anthology!


  2. I am wholly honored to be included! Thank you, Erin and grats on graduation!


    • Erin R Britt says:

      Thank you so much for commenting and for the congratulations. The pleasure was all mine. I love your use of language and imagery, especially in Altitude Sickness. I’m glad I had the opportunity to encounter your work.


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