New Book Coming–Some Assembly Required

No, you don’t need to assemble the book.  Some Assembly Required is the title of my new poetry book coming out in September 2013.  If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll recognize some of the pieces in the book.  If you’re new to Erindipity, clicking on the “New Work” category is an easy way to find the early drafts of these poems.  The cover art and book illustrations will be by Pamla Tindall.  That’s right, there will be featured artwork!  I’ll be sure to debut the cover art once its finished, but you’ll have to wait and see what’s to come.  I think you’ll be blown away by Tindall’s artistry.  I’ll post links to some of her other work as they become available.

I realize this place has been a bit quiet, but the end of the semester is in sight and I’m losing my mind.  I received a letter from my university yesterday announcing that I will be graduating With Distinction, and I found out the day before that I will be presenting my paper on the roles of Christianity and Obeah in negotiating a post-colonial Caribbean identity at our Undergraduate Research Conference.

I’ll try to post graduating pictures in case anyone is interested in that.  Really, I just want to show off the honors cords I get to wear.  😀


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