New Book Trailer and Website

I’ve talked about my multimedia writing class before.  For part of the class, I had to design and build an online multimedia portfolio.  It’s still in progress, you it’s live so you can check it out.  It has a couple of short stories of mine, so if you’ve ever been tempted to read my fiction instead of the poetry I’ve posted, it’s there.  I plan on adding a couple more stories, but there are two up now.  The coolest feature is the trailer I just made for my book, Celia.

I’m pretty thrilled about the way it turned out.


4 comments on “New Book Trailer and Website

  1. Lori Hicks says:

    Love the trailer, it’s even more impressive now that I’ve heard the sound that goes with it. Nice job Erin!


  2. jane isaac says:

    Beautiful trailer, deary, with wonderful accompanying music. Evanescence is one of my daughter’s favourite bands! I’ve always loved your cover and this is the perfect trailer to follow. Well done you x


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