Recommend It Monday–Author Interview with Lori Michelle

Since I only have around five weeks until graduation, I’m going to do something a little bit different for RIM.  Instead of adding five new books to my already crazy workload, I’ll be doing a series of author interviews.  Once I graduate, this feature will move to Tuesdays.  So, without further adieu, let’s welcome our very first guest, Lori Michelle!


E: Hi, Lori!  Welcome to Erindipity.  You’re the first guest I’ve had.  I’m not much of an entertainer, I guess.


L: I am so honored to be the first person. Hey you brought cookies, so we’re good.


E: First off, let’s talk about your book, Dual Harvest.  What can you tell me about it?


L: It is an erotic thriller, with a serial killer and a police detective.  Of course it has a twist, but I can’t tell you what it is.  I actually wrote it for the National Novel Writing Month in 2009. It’s doing really well and has gotten high ratings on Amazon.  Now if only I could sell a million copies.


E: What gave you the idea for the book?


L: Without going into too much detail, I was going through a rough period in my life.  It just happened.


E: What was your process like?  Did you outline and plan before you started writing, or did you jump in and see where it took you?


L: Typically, I think of the way I want a book or story to end before I start writing, but I am not much of an outliner.  I normally have a vague idea of where I want to go and jump in with two feet.  And since this was a NANO novel, there isn’t time to plan on where you are going, you just have 30 days to go!


E: Do you have any other books in the works?


L: I do, two of them.  One of them is about a woman being haunted by ghosts and the other about aliens (yes I know cliche, but it’s more than that).  I can’t seem to find my alien file though, so I guess I should concentrate more on the ghost one.  It’s been a long time since I have had the time to sit and write, so I need to revisit what I have done and perhaps get my rear in gear about finishing.


E: What authors are you influenced by?


L: VC Andrews.  Her mind was so psychologically twisted and her characters were so horrific.


E: What drew you to horror?


L: Funny enough, I never realized I liked horror until a few years ago.  Yes, I always loved reading VC Andrews and Stephen King, but I was never one for the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies or any of that.  The horror I adore isn’t your standard vampire/zombie/slasher horror though.  I tend to like the things that are more psychological and twisted.  The more realistic it can be, the more I like it.


E: You’re more than just an author.  What else do you have going on?


L: A whole lot!  First off, I am the managing editor of Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse.  So, once a month I put together an e-magazine and once a quarter, I put together a print magazine.  Then I am also in partnership with Max Booth III over at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.  I take care of all the layout design and all the bookkeeping.  Recently, PMMP has joined together with Revolt Daily Magazine, so I will be in charge of layout there too.  It’s all very exciting.  Coming in September, I am going to be putting together a horror anthology called Bleed where the proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Fund.  My own son has leukemia and children’s cancer is a subject that really hits me hard.  The CCF has been really great to my son and I want to do something to show my gratitude and to help other kids who are afflicted. Top that with being the single mom of two kids.  Yes, I am insane, thank you for noticing.

Thanks for dropping by!  You can connect with Lori Michelle on FacebookTwitter, and through her blog.


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