Chapbook Update and New Work

I’ve been playing around with Lulu for my chapbook project so I can start getting a feel for what I’ve got.  I’ve decided to title the book In Pieces, although I still need to write the title poem.  I’m shooting for around 32 pages.  It’s coming along really well and I’m pleased with it overall.  I’d like to send it off into the world to see who might be interested in it, but I haven’t completely ruled out self-publishing.  I guess it depends on the kind of response people have to the project.  A few days ago, I posted a new erasure poem I wrote out of a poem from Larry Levis.  I’ve decided I kind of like doing erasures, so I did another one.  This is from Louise Glück’s poem, “The Fear of Love.”




That body

seemed to

have spoken


It was winter

the sun rose

mirrored in the moon

passed over

as though

to leave no shadows

only dents

stretched before us



we lie there

arm in arm

the gods

we built


One comment on “Chapbook Update and New Work

  1. I enjoy this poem a lot, Erin. You’ve got this sort of whip-cracking sine-wave action going on with the very short lines and the short-long-short stanzas. It doesn’t read really rapid-fire, or anything. More like a long Haiku (but maybe I’m reading it with a different cadence than you had in mind). It’s very direct without losing that all-important soft focus approach to determinacy. With short-short lines, I think you have to make every word really work its ass off. I don’t know if this qualifies as a success or not, but (short attention span) I didn’t read what you wrote about it first, and just dove into the poem. When I came back to your paragraph, I was a little surprised that it was an erasure. I mean, it reads very much like it’s an original of yours, which of course it is, erasure or not. Whatever. Cool poem.


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