New Work–Into Sodom and Reruns

One of the things I’m discovering about putting together this new chapbook of poetry is that as I write new pieces for it, some of the older pieces are no longer fitting in so well.  I’ve decided I’m going to take those older pieces out and write some new pieces to replace them.  I was sitting in class last night and ended up writing two new pieces.  They are very rough, so commentary is appreciated.


Into Sodom


I wanted him to stop

told him as much

I’m not done yet

he said with his body


He took me into Sodom

mistook me for the Angels

He showered while I cried





this place feels familiar

the snow across the TV picture

stays behind my closed eyes

and the TV doesn’t work

the horizontal hold slips

flips the scene, grabs again

my belly distends like an Ethiopian child’s

he is starving, I am pregnant

I wish we could switch shows


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