Cross of Truth Tarot Spread for Enraptured–Plot Point

Yesterday’s blog showed a sample tarot spread for characters.  Even though I had a good idea about the character and his motivations, it still gave insight into his potential character as well as gave me some plot ideas.  That’s the nice thing about doing these spreads for story writing.  You may be specifically looking for one thing and see something else in the bargain.

Today, I did a tarot spread called the Cross of Truth in order to help me resolve a plot point that I’m stuck on.   I used my Gilded Tarot deck again, as well.  I don’t have the camera today, so I’ll just have to describe the layout.  Card 1 is the Basis, your starting point.  Card 2 is Desires, hopes or fears, and is positioned above card 1.  Card 3 is Helpful, something that will be of use for the question you’re asking, and it is positioned to the right of card 2.  Card 4 is Challenges, something that could hinder or get in the way of what you’re asking about, and it is positioned to the left of card 2.  Card 5 is Outcome, what eventually happens, and it is positioned above card 2.  When you’ve finished, you should have a giant plus sign with your 2 card at its center.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good links like I could with the dragon spread.

Since this is about a specific plot point, the “question” I had is who would be concerned about Jeanne, the little girl who has been abducted, and want to search for her.  I had tried with one person and it wasn’t working out at all.  I haven’t talked much about Enraptured, so in a nutshell, a little girl goes missing and her religious small-town community thinks she’s been Raptured.  As a side note, and something I didn’t mention yesterday, I talk to my cards while I shuffle them.  I basically repeat variations on a theme.  For yesterday’s spread, I said, “Buddy is a bad man” over and over as I shuffled.  Today, I said, “Who wants to find Jeanne?  Who wants to protect Jeanne?”  Anyway, let’s get started.

  1. Basis: Eight of Swords–A female is in danger.  Her hands are bound and she is blindfolded.
  2. Desires: Nine of Swords–A female is in bed.  Swords are positioned above her.  She is terrified.  Her life is in danger.
  3. Helpful: The Fool–A man.  This is someone who cares for her and wants to find her.  Father?
  4. Challenges: Nine of Pentacles–A woman.  She has riches.  Spiritual riches?  She refuses to believe Jeanne is missing.  She will stand in the way of a search.
  5. Outcome: Seven of Pentacles–The woman prevails.  They will not search for Jeanne, despite her father’s unease.

So, this fits in pretty much perfectly with where the plot was going anyway.  The added bonus is that I now have the idea that her father should become skeptical of the Rapture and be shot down by his wife.  I’m almost a little ashamed I didn’t just come up with that on my own.

Like I said, I’m no professional card reader.  I simply approach the cards with a problem I’m having, shuffle while stating my problem or asking my questions, and then lay them out to see what I see.  Everything is filtered through the plot or character I’m working on.  If you have no idea what to write about, do a simple spread to get ideas.  Different spreads will allow you to do different things because they vary in complexity.  I had a very specific question today, so I did a very simple spread to address that one question.  Characters are supposed to be complicated, so I did a complex spread for that.

I hope this gives you ideas for your own projects, and if you had fun with this, let me know.



8 comments on “Cross of Truth Tarot Spread for Enraptured–Plot Point

  1. dmdobbins98 says:

    I love this idea, too. I will definitely use this as I’m working on plotting. Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a cool concept!!!!


  3. Erin R Britt says:

    Thanks. I got the idea from a website a friend shared with me a while ago. I guess there’s even a craft book that deals with using tarot for writing. I don’t use this method often, but it does help when you get stuck.


  4. Nancy says:

    You can find a diagram of the Cross of Truth spread here:


    • Nancy says:

      The URL didn’t show on my post. Go to Pinterest and search for “cross of truth tarot spread” and you will find a diagram.


  5. Zak says:

    I used this spread to find the truth and it did, but I don’t understand card 5. Outcomes. It came up as the heirophant. Can someone help me understand it’s meaning. My question is why do I get the feeling that there distance growing between me and a friend. I understand all the other messages, it’s just the message of the heirophant that isn’t clear to me. Can someone help me??


    • Erin R Britt says:

      I’m not a tarot card reader. I find they’re helpful for fiction writer, but I’m not very good at divining meaning from them. That being said, if you feel there is a growing distance between you and a friend, then maybe you should explore that feeling. Good luck to you.


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