Recommend It Monday–Out to Lunch

This image is not intended for commercial use.

This image is not intended for commercial use.

As I mentioned last week, RIM is on vacation today.  I’ll be back next Monday, though.  Spring Break is this week, so I’m looking forward to the time off.  I finished my Othello paper last week, so I only have my Chaucer paper to write.  I have some miscellaneous items to finish up through the week, but mostly, I have the time to catch up on rest and reading.  If you have not yet done so, why not join me over at the IU-South Bend Creative Writing Club for some writing prompts?  We’re getting some great stuff posted.  I’ll be posting today’s prompt in a bit.

Some good news: I had a company contact me for a position today.  I’m a little sad I won’t be able to take it because it sounded really interesting.  It would mean relocating, though, and I have grad school here, so that’s not going to work.  Still, they came to me so I’m pretty happy about that.

I should have an empty house which means I might even get some writing done.  I still have work this week, but it’ll be a lot easier without classes after.

Hope the weather is turning sunnier and warmer wherever you are and have a Happy Monday!

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