Plot–One Way to Get Unstuck

Yesterday’s post talked a lot about using a tarot card spread for character creation.  I wanted to keep going with that and talk about how you can also use a tarot spread to help develop your story/plot or to create one from scratch if you’re low on ideas.  The premise is basically the same as for the character creation.  You may want to try out some different spreads for this.  You may like one spread for character creation and a second spread for plot.  Play around with it.  Also, something I didn’t mention yesterday but should have is that you might want to consider investing in more than one deck.  I think they’re beautiful, so I don’t mind doing this, but the advantage of multiple decks is that the different artwork may give you different information.  If I was writing a book with dragons, I might make that extra trip upstairs and use my dragon deck.

How this is different:

Because you already have your characters in mind, particularly your protagonist, you do a “reading” for that specific character similarly to how a real person would get a reading.  You can do a single, broad reading; you could do several readings, narrowing each one in scope based on choices the character can take.  It’s all up to you.

I used this method to outline a fantasy series.  I did a new spread for each book.  I haven’t written any of it (mostly because I doubt my abilities and I let the scope of the fantasy world intimidate me), but I have 4 books outlined.  Let me know how this works for you should you decide to give it a go.


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