Champaign Dreams on a Ramen Budget

Now that I’m getting close to graduation, and while I’m waiting to hear about my grad school application, I’ve been thinking about how to become a part of a larger scale writing community.  Initially, I was looking for writers’ conferences, but I found this instead. Well, more like in addition to.

To say I want to attend this program is a gross understatement.  By that, I mean I’ve been discreetly looking into the going rate for kidneys.  To attend both summer sessions (because of course I want to attend both summer sessions), I would need to raise $3500 by two weeks after program acceptance.  So I could eat whilst I am there.  Provided I get accepted, of course.  These are funds I do not have.  However!  I am not despairing yet.  I’m attempting to look into grant and scholarship opportunities that would apply to this summer program.  Considering it’s Yale, it’s really not that bad.

And so the hunt begins.  I think I’m going to apply anyway.  If I don’t get accepted, then I have found valuable information for future endeavours.  If I do get accepted, even if I can’t attend, I can say I was accepted into a summer writing program at Yale.

Oh yeah, I have no idea what to submit yet.  😀


2 comments on “Champaign Dreams on a Ramen Budget

  1. Diane Passero says:

    Erin, Today I ordered Celia from Amazon. If you would like, you can be the first author to autograph a book for me ! Hopefully it will be in my hands shortly … good luck with Yale ~ We could hold a carwash …


    • erinrbritt says:

      Thanks, Diane! I’d be happy to sign it for you. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. I’m thinking about holding a “Dollar Drive” for Yale. If I can get 3500 people to donate $1 each, I can go. LOL


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