Who Should I Be Reading?

Some of my favorite authors I would have never found if I hadn’t had friends tell me, “You need to read this!”  Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchett.  Clive Cussler and Robert Jordan.  So, who should I be reading?

Leave me recommendations in the comments.  It can be an author in general, or a specific book.  Feel free to tell me why you’re recommending this person or book.  After I start getting some recommendations, I will try to have at least one blog a week about the author/specific book.  If someone suggests an author I already read (and really, this is pretty likely), I’ll do a post about why I love those authors and which works are favorites.

Do not recommend the Twilight series unless you’d like to read a dissertation on why those books are systematically destroying the fabric of human social contact.  Even then, don’t do it.

Except for the above, all genres are welcome.  Yes, even (shudder) romance.  I can’t wait to start getting suggestions. 😀