Who Ordered the Snow?

I despise snow.  Sure, it’s pretty to look at.  I’ll admit that evergreens dusted like pączki make for a lovely picture.  Until you have to go out in it.  Yeah, no thanks.

Now, unless you have a large Polish community where you live, or are yourself Polish, you probably have no clue what pączki are and why you should love them.  At their worst, they are a lot like jelly or custard filled donuts on steroids that are covered in either granulated white sugar, confectioners sugar, or glazed.  Oh, but at their best…at their best, these glorious creations are like this:


At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, what’s the catch?”  Because of course, there is one.  First, unless you order them from somewhere, they are only available from areas that have a decent Polish community.  In fact, I’ll wager some of you have never heard of them before.  That part isn’t so much as a catch as it is an inconvenience.  The real catch is you can only get them before Lent.  Pączki are a way to use up eggs, butter, and lard since they are forbidden during the Lenten period.  If you haven’t gotten one by Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), you won’t be getting one.  I know what I’m doing this week.  😀