Chicken Noodle Soup

There are two things I like to have around when I’m sick, you know…besides copious amounts of medicated Kleenex and an assortment of drugs that any meth lab would love to get their hands on: orange juice and chicken noodle soup.  I am now out of the former, and will remain out unless someone delivers it to me as I refuse to leave my house.  I have a ton of the latter, however.  Yesterday, during the eye of the disease, I ventured out of my house and bought soup stuff.  I could have just bought a can of soup, but it wouldn’t taste as good as my homemade soup and it wouldn’t have been nearly as much.  I now have about 5 gallons of soup. 😀  Most likely, that will be both lunch and dinner.  No, I’m not sharing.  Unless you have o.j.  Even then I make no promises, but you’ve bettered your chances exponentially.